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We all want to be the best and happiest that we can, let me help you on your path to becoming the real you.


Below is a list of services that I provide. If you require any further information please feel free to Contact Claire.

past trauma hypnotherapy derby

Past Trauma

Past trauma can be caused by many things such as an experience, loss, rejection, accident, bullying, lost years as a child, divorce, events through a job or profession, experiencing physical, emotional or mental ill health or feeling of being unable to cope.

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weight loss hypnoSlimmer and hypnotherapist derby

Weight Loss

Are you fed up with diets that just make you bigger? HypnoSlimmer is no diet, it is a change in mind set. This 5 week program, that's 5 hypnotic experiences, allows your subconscious mind to take on positive suggestions to benefit you making you healthier, slimmer and take back control eating only when you're hungry and stopping when full.

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derby hypnotherapist expert in stopping smoking

Quit Smoking

This two hour session can return you to a non-smoker. You need to be fully committed to quitting for you. So what are you waiting for. Release those toxins that are killing you.

Successful results:

Hypnotherapy: 60%
Acupuncture: 25%
Medication: 22%

Gum: 11%
Patches: 15%
Will power: 5%

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derby anxiety hypnotherapy


Anxiety is a natural and normal feeling that we all have, it is useful in keeping us safe, however where your mind goes your body follows, thoughts becoming feelings.

Overthinking, constant worrying, trouble concentrating, avoidance, needing reassurance, trouble sleeping, lack of patience, stomach issues, rapid heart rate, can all be signed of anxiety which can affect us all - is it time to regain some control and enjoy life let go of what's holding you back.

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fertility hypnotherapist alvaston, derby


Unexplained infertility can be for lots of reasons and sometimes IVF is the route for you, but may be you are TRYING too hard! Throw away the thermometer, ditch the diary and do things the way Mother Nature intended, relax, relieve the pressure you put upon yourselves. Hypnotherapy can help.

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hypnobirthing hypnotherapy expert derby


Giving birth is a wonderful and empowering experience. So allow your mind and body to be in perfect harmony. Allow your maternal instincts to guide you. This 6 week course supports you to be ready for that wonderful day when you meet your baby for the first time, feeling confident, calm, comfortable and in control of your choices.

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Hypnotherapy is nothing new and has been around forever. It is a trance like state where you're subconscious accepts positive suggestions that will benefit you.

We all experience trance like states on a daily basis. For example when you drive and arrive at your destination yet can't remember how, or being immersed in a book or tv programme. There are lots of misconceptions around hypnosis but you as a client are completely aware, in fact more aware of your surroundings and in total control of the session.

It is scientifically proven that when we think pleasant thoughts our body produces chemicals that improve our immune system and make us feel good.

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hypnotherapist derby, hypnoslimmer alvaston

I'm Claire a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a licensed Hypnoslimmer consultant registered with the GHR.

I have worked for many years with in a Social Care setting and have seen how trauma, anxiety, stress, addictions and unwanted habits can affect anyone of us at different times in our lives. Many of us carry with us past trauma that needs to be reframed and released so we can go on to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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